About Markemmanuel F Rodriguez

I help people do more and go further in their lives.  I believe in big beautiful dreams and aspire to turn dreams into tangible reality. I approach this in three ways: health and fitness, personal finance, and career lifestyle.

I’m currently building a health and fitness business based on helping people design and live a healthy lifestyle.  I think it’s important to focus on habits and systems than worrying about losing the next pound.

A project I am developing part-time focuses on teaching people how to improve their personal finances by creating systems and developing habits to make their decision making less cumbersome, grow their resources, and make the process automatic.

Eventually, I will help people earn income and gather resources from a lifestyle (a way of living) rather than from a job that does not resonate or works inline with their dreams, goals, and interests.

About This Website

This website touches all aspects of what I am interested in and what I am doing with my life.  It’s a bit of a peep show. A lot of it is unexciting but super useful for anyone who wants to transform his/her life.